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I just love to celebrate my clients


From the very moment I stepped into the sacred space Erika created, I felt safe. 


I had no clear idea of what exactly I was walking into, however I knew that I was drawn to Erika, and knew that whatever would surface, I would be safe. 

What made this experience so raw, was the fact that I didn’t know. This healing process is unknown to me. My past was something I’ve repressed + suppressed for so long, and although I though my that I was ‘working through them’ I also knew deep down there were some layers of shame, guilt, sadness, fear, and resentment that I held, and have inadvertently seeped into my relationships. 


The 90 minutes I spent with eyes closed and heart wide open, left me exposed. Raw. Vulnerable. And yet, I continued to reveal and tell me ‘story’ and stayed open to whatever surfaced. It wasn’t until days later that the full effects of this session fully hit me. It get like an aftermath, an aftershock.  I sat in that emotion. And I let it surface, and instead of my usual deflection, and self soothing with alcohol, I did the exact opposite. I took baths, I called friends,  I wrote letters and burnt, I cried and worked out. I wrote more, and I forgave. Myself. My father. My mother. Myself. 


I’m not broken. I don’t need ‘fixing’ I just needed the space, this sacred safe environment to open up, and feel without judgment. 


And for that, I am eternally grateful to you Erika.


Money Magnet...

Before I experienced Erika’s meditation, I felt like there was never enough money, it was always a struggle and I had to work really hard while putting up with assholes and shitty pay to makes any money at all. 

During the meditation Erika gracefully guided me to release the limitations I was holding onto and claim the unlimited truth of who I am, revealing the power and flow of unlimited abundance that runs through me. 

Now, I feel deep in my soul that money has unlimited ways of flowing to me in divine time. And that everything is always working out for the highest good of all. 

The universe is truly the source of my supply, and is a direct reflection of my inner world and I must be happy with or without money to be a magnet for abundance in all its forms! 


Thank You for lighting the way!! 

You SHINE Bright with LOVE!! ❤️

Eternally Grateful, 


Erika holds an unconditionally loving space where new levels of awareness are able to emerge with patience and clarity.

I would definitely recommend seeing Erika if you are looking to uncover subconscious moments in your history that you know on some level are operating still in your day to day, but still require sound assistance in turning over some of the stones of these moments with love.

I was able to see over the week after our session some of the ways the theme I had discovered was unfolding and was able to embrace this healing with love.

Thank you, Erika, for helping me on my journey of living as a modern day spiritual woman.

You’re the best.


I reached out to Erika about doing a one on one coaching session with her after experiencing some financial hardships this year.


During our session together Erika made me feel completely empowered and yes, even excited, about tackling my finances despite my natural resistance to anything numbers related.

As a result of our time together, I was finally able to begin the process of getting my finances in order. I am no longer worrying about when and where my next dollar is coming from. Money is flowing to me and my family instead of me trying to force it to appear. I now operate from the abundance mindset and am learning to allow my old thoughts of scarcity to fall away.

I highly recommend working with Erika as coaching with her has proven to be not only be a powerful process but also a fun and enjoyable experience. Her loving energy is absolutely contagious. I can not thank her enough for getting me past my financial hurdles.

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