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Hi love,

Are you ready to experience another way of walking through the world?


Where you no longer feel weighed down by fear, worry, and unwanted dependencies?

What if you could see what's
 truly possible?

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Do you wish you had more confidence to make decisions that move you closer to your dreams, even when uncertainty is present?


Or do you ever feel like you are running out of time to make “it” happen?


What if I could show you how to approach your heart’s desires in relationships, health, purpose and creativity with more ease and joy and less doubt and self-sabotage?


What if I could guide you to let go of all of the fears, doubts, distractions and even addictions that are preventing you from receiving what it is you desire and awaken you to a power within that makes you wonder why it even took you so long to trust, let go, and make it happen?


What if I could show you how to live a more deeply connected, sacred, and fulfilling life?


Would you be willing to commit to YOU?


It is not only my commitment but also my honor to share the tools and wisdom I have gained in my lifetime collapsing years of work, investing in education, certifications, accreditations and healing modalities, into an experience that will have profound effects in a short amount of time if you decide to go all in.  And, this is ancient wisdom that you will continue to access to create and evolve your life forever.


“You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”


― Glinda, The Good Witch, The Wizard of Oz

I know- You have heard this quote before, and so had I.  And, when I became trained as a New Thought Practitioner & Minister, the magic in these words began to unlock themselves in my life...


New Thought Wisdom, which is also considered a part of the “Mental Cure Movement” as made popular by experts such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming SuperNatural &  Rev. Michael Beckwith, featured in the movie The Secret, showed me a way to understand the miraculous nature of the Universe, or God, and how I could access this power within me to heal my own PTSD, addictions, codependency and more.  My studies not only proved what I had discovered for myself as I healed my eating disorder 10 years prior through my Sacred Struts, but deepened my awareness of how we are truly creating all our reality at the level and intersection of our mind and spirituality.


Love, there is a power within you to move mountains, create miracles, and, I’m here to show you more as I walk beside you.


Are you ready to move beyond the places in your life that are causing you to feel sick, tired, and stuck?

Book a free call to receive more information on my 8-week life-changing program.  


“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

- Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Erika is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with, and after working with her I had an enormous and life changing breakthrough. 

I had an issue in releasing my attachment to a former relationship, which was really holding me back from living a happy and fulfilled life, including starting my business. I was so stuck! 

Erika helped me to see that it wasn’t the relationship that I was so attached to. It was what I believed I was getting from the relationship. She then helped me to see that nothing from the outside would ever give me what I truly wanted, which was to love and accept myself- fully. 

After our session I could never see the relationship in the same way. I got over it and started living for myself, and doing the things that I love to do, which included moving forward in starting my life coaching business. I was what I was looking for, and I wasn’t going to find that in any relationship. I am free! 

I’ll never see anything outside of me in the same way again. I have started meditating, journaling, taking gratitude walks, and getting closer and closer to myself. 

I know now that when I do begin looking to get into another relationship one day, it won’t be because I need that person to complete me. I am complete, with me, and my heart is open. 

Erika is a miracle worker. If you want truth, she can help exponentially. 

With the deepest gratitude Erika.

- Stacey

Are you ready to 

Claim your Freedom?

to learn how I can help! 

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“Love points the way, the law makes it possible.”

- Ernest Holmes


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