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Love Law Legends Membership

Health Wealth Love

Creative Pursuits

Want a new Reality?

Defy what you’ve been told.

Aligned with Love

Backed by Law

Create Your Legendary Life

Love Law & Legends

Walk with me in this sacred container to:

Discover how you are creating your reality 24/7 (Once you know, you can’t unknow it. It’s Go time, Love!!)

integrate one of 52 Spiritual & Universal Laws each week (these are the systems and structures of the Universe responding to your every move, prayer, fear, and whisper

For some mind-training and TLC for your body, mind, heart and spirit as you connect to what you desire and trust in your receiving

Show up for life with more confidence, clarity, consistency, and grace

Hear your intuition more clearly & make decisions with less anxiety, fear, and or burn-out

Regulate your nervous system and spend time outdoors (this is a breath of fresh air for your soul)

Choose your character as you wave goodbye to old dramas and begin living from your potential for a full bodied yes

Expand your inner circle with supportive souls who are committed to truth, the Im-possible and creating a legendary life

transform limited beliefs, dense emotions, fears and dependencies to free yourself

Lead from your god-self, your sacred self, your divine self, your most true self one step forward at a time. ( It’s the secret sauce to your power, your healing & your thriving.)

And more as I love on you and cherish your dreams as you do…

Monthly includes bonus calls, rituals & offerings with Other Legendary Leaders plus a SWOON private FB Community for checks-in’s, connects & musing

Join & stay and play as long as you wish! 

Questions: email 

  • Love Law Legends

    8 am PST | 11 am EST for a 60+ minute virtual-guided Sacred Strut with Q/A, via Zoom.
    • One Sacred Strut
  • Love Law Legends Membership

    Every month
    8 am PST | 11 am EST for a 60+ minute virtual-guided Sacred Strut with Q/A, via Zoom.
    • Weekly Sacred Struts
    • Bonus calls & rituals with other Legendary Leaders
    • SWOON private FB Community for checks-in’s, connections
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