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Hi love! 

Thank you for landing here.  Let me introduce myself.

I'm Erika Linn,

I help those stuck in unwanted dependencies, cycles, and beliefs to bust out and claim their new mindset, reality, & STRUT!

Every day, I have the honor of witnessing extraordinary people awaken to their true nature, their dreams, and the power they have to transform their lives. But, it’s not just their lives that are impacted.  I partner with people who desire to be their best, knowing that they have a profound influence on their loved ones, in their business organizations, communities and beyond.  

In 2012 I began taking daily prayer walks, aka “sacred struts” to heal my eating disorder of 14 years.  It was here that I began to deep-dive into the power of the subconscious and conscious mind, faith, and the benefits of walking. 10 years later, my purpose and passion evolved into a life that allows me to live as a transformational speaker, New Thought Practitioner, Minister, and Spiritual Psychology Coach, certified in both the e4Trauma Method and Radical Recovery.  What was initiated as I sought to heal my own rape trauma, and life-long challenges with variations of addiction & codependency, became my ultimate dharma or service to the world.  As one of my mentors says “Until we are all free, no one is free.”  - Dr. Erin Haskall, NTG

Currently, I am certified in over 10 holistic modalities, and guide men & women all around the world to lead a Spirit-driven life, access their innate power to transform their trauma, limited beliefs, and unhealthy dependencies, and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, fiscally, and of course spiritually through sacred embodiment.  You can join my newest program Love, Law & Legends where every Saturday morning, I lead guided, virtual walks, teaching the principles of  Universal Laws or my 3 week Immersion Program Sacred Sync, to support you in becoming the ultimate magnet for what you desire.

Whether it's group or private 1:1, I hope you will join me in a Sacred Strut Experience where you live from your whole and sacred self, take bold action, and create your dreams into reality. 

It is an honor to share a part of my story and divine purpose with you.  I look forward to walking beside you.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me today.  You are just one thought away from your ultimate freedom and the life you love. 

Step into the Sacred & STRUT!


Much love,


Erika Linn

NT Minister, Spiritual Psychology & Mindset Coach.

The Holy Wait - 

From the Unseen to the Seen

Its time to drop the weight

of the world on your shoulders 

Trust.  You are held in the dark.


Grateful I am here.

Grateful you are here.

The holy wait is over.

Enter and we begin 

Your transcendence into light.


- Erika Linn

As a group leader, Erika holds such a loving space and shares openly and vulnerably for a rich, dynamic group experience. Through our last eight months together, I have witnessed her navigate some of the most difficult events of life with unshakeable faith, grace and self-mastery. If I could explain Erika in one word, it would be LOVE. And she’s fun to work with, too!! 

- Bobbie Jo

Are you ready to own your worth? 

to learn what you can create!!

"Everything you have ever wanted, is on the other side of “I AM”"

- Erika Linn
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be Brave, be Bold, be Bad-Ass!

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