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If you know...

that you are meant for more,
and that deep aching feeling you get every time you look around seeing others succeed only drives this knowing further…

Then you are in the right place...


Love, if this is you, you are in  the right place...

You want an earth angel

A side kick

A mentor , muse, and coach


Who knows you, sees you, understands you, and believes in you..


Who knows how to guide you to unlock the deepest of your potential and create an unimaginable life.


You KNOW you are meant to finally let go of the boulders and glass ceilings standing in your way from achieving your next level life…

You have gotten the credentials, bought the courses, read the ebooks-or promised yourself you would, highlighted every page of every self-help lit. on your bookshelf, chanted the affirmations, hung the vision board, and are still experiencing the same levels of stress and feelings like will “IT” ever happen?... 


I have 1 word for you, well 2...

 Trauma Commands.


Those infectious beliefs that have been running the show, are the reasons why you keep experiencing the same let-down’s and cycles over and over again. They are why every time you seem to take 1 step forwards, life throws you 2 steps back.  They are why no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to break free!


Believe me when I say, it has NOTHING to do with how smart you are, how much work you have already done, or if you can speak all the spiritual lingo- in fact sometimes this can keep you from actually getting the support you need to move forwards in life.  

Because as you sit here thinking you have already done the work, taken the “higher road or perspective”, forgiven all the low ball moments in your past…


I have news for you- if it keeps showing up, you haven’t healed it.


I get it.  As a recovering ‘know it all”, lol, I could speak a good game, hold my own at the dinner table around consciousness and spirituality, but when I went home at night I was bankrupt in so many areas of my life, with more and more imposter syndrome seeping in. And the hard part was, I just couldn’t figure out WHY, until I met my former mentor Dr. Erin Haskall, creator of the e4 Trauma method.  


Whether you believe you have experienced trauma or not, chances are, if you are breathing, you have.  You see  trauma is not what happens to you, it’s what happens within you during a time of heightened negative emotion.  In this moment, you create a limited belief about yourself, life, etc. that creates an engram on your dna.  Ultimately this  “decision in mind” continues to be projected out unto your reality over and over until it is neutralized and freed to become what you desire.


“Energy can not be created or destroyed, only transformed”


So this is where we start when we work together. I get to know YOU. I get to know your desires. I get to know your Psyche. And we STRUT.  There are no two people alike, so I don’t offer a cookie-cutter coaching program. I meet you where you are, we make moves together, you learn how to powerfully create your reality, and then you RISE like the Pheonix you are into that next level life and beyond.


During our time together, there will be trauma work, as well as tools I’ve gathered from the 10 plus healing modalities I am certified in, to support you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


You will receive it ALL!


If you are ready to claim your next-level life, show up for yourself, and receive in a way you never knew possible, schedule a complimentary 1:1 call with me today to create your plan of action.


It’s time to Step in the Sacred & STRUT!

- Albert Einstien

"Universal Law of Destiny- (or Desire):
What you truly desire is your destiny. Your greatest will is that which prevails within your life. It is the sum of your consciousness and actions. At the core of you is the creator of your destiny of the physical realm, a unique divine design.
The extent to which have clarity of your desires and specifically inform Universal Law, is the extent to which you will experience the destiny you consciously desire.”

- Dr. Erin Haskell
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Erika holds an unconditionally

Loving space where new levels of awareness are able to emerge with patience and clarity.

I would definitely recommend seeing Erika if you are looking to uncover subconscious moments in your history that you know on some level are operating still in your day to day, but still require sound assistance in turning over some of the stones of these moments with love.

I was able to see over the week after our session some of the ways the theme I had discovered was unfolding and was able to embrace this healing with love.

Thank you, Erika, for helping me on my journey of living as a modern day spiritual woman. You’re the best

- Hannah

It's time to 

Reveal your true potential!

to learn how I can help! 

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We've got this love!

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